FUN in Fundraising!

All are welcome to come out and have some fun with the Rams at Laurel Laser Tag.
When: Thursday March 31,2016
Where: Laurel Laser Tag, 14705 Baltimore Ave, MD 20707
Cost: $25 includes 45 min of play and followed by Pizza Times:

  • 4pm - 6U
  • 5pm - 6U
  • 6pm - 10U
  • 7pm - 12 and 14U
*Everyone MUST be at least 44 inches tall with parent signed waiver!

We are asking our community, family, friends, and neighbours to support us in our fundraising efforts to reach our goal to purchase much needed new helmets (50), shoulder pads (50), uniforms (75), and as well as to help provide an opportunity for families less fortunate to participate in activities with our club .

There are several ways that you can support us:
  • 1. Donations – all donations are tax deductible. If under $50 please request for receipt if needed.
  • 2. Sponsorships – all monetary sponsorships are tax deductible.
  • 3. Support us in our fundraising efforts by selling or purchasing items from tickets to T-shirts during our events.
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